19 August 2016

In most cases, you realize that no matter what gets damaged, life rearranges itself to compensate for your loss, sometimes wonderfully.

The last week has been rather productive with regard to getting the car ready for its trip.  Save for the rear hatch glass, all of the glass is installed, the fenders are installed, 90% of the parts are collected for packaging (3 boxes have already shipped to the new owner) and the displaced stuff is working its way back into place.

This is the final assembly of the front end mount.  Took a bit of consideration and thought to find this solution but I think it's going to work out quite well.

I'll spend the next couple of weeks finalizing the deal, packing parts and cleaning up the stuff that's left over.

I'm ready for this to happen.

It's time.

I sold the set of carburetors I had rebuilt for the engine because the new owner is going to make Ferris a true N by installing a single side draft carburetor.

The good news is that I didn't lose any money by selling them!  I'm down to the one matched pair that will be rebuilt some day.  Maybe soon.

My focus, once Ferris is gone, will shift to restoring the parts for Nigel as time/funds allow.

13 August 2016

"Disguised as a breakthrough"

 I wound up taking the body off the cart today so I could fix a few minor issues with the hastily screwed together creation.  It wasn't poorly built but it was poorly thought out and I had to correct that because this thing is going to be supporting quite a bit of weight once the body is assembled completely.
 Since I worked alone today, I had to come up with some sort of way to lift up the rear end without interfering with the body cart since I'd have to get it out from underneath the body once it was supported.  I had a few options and took each under consideration - but wound up going with the last/least likely to work option.  Screw two 2" x 4" scraps to a 2"x6", set - well, 'balance", really - on top of my saw horse, then screw the wood blocks to the body once I'd lifted the body and got it all underneath.  Not a great way to do it but it worked.
 This is the view from the rear.  It looks a hell of a lot more stable than it was - I didn't really think it was going to work and prepared myself for having to figure out how to pick it back up once it slid off of the saw horse.

Fortunately, that didn't happen.
 This was my solution for the front end - much lighter but I knew that with one semi-sketchy support on the back that I'd need to use two up front or this thing would rock like a boat in choppy seas and I didn't want to risk it falling.

I stared at it for a good 5 minutes until I realized that I could use the bumper brackets.  I'm not proud of how long it took but I am happy that it worked out.
 The rebuild of the body cart got the rear bushings in the right place without wood blocks.
The front end is now level with the rear end which should make it more stable.

By the end of the day - the cart was finished, the body was put back on the cart without incident, the pan was attached, a cart for the rebuilt  transmission was assembled (and the drums installed).  I installed the rear seat and put the pieces of the front seats inside.  The glove box and door were installed as was the ashtray.  I was able to get Ospho on most of the bare metal - I have the inner side of the rear hatch to get done.  Next time I get to the car, I'll have the glass installed.  There shouldn't be much more to do after that point but get the interior closed up a little bit better.

I've started packing and plan to ship parts next week - to reduce the amount of parts to be shipped with the body.  90-95% of the parts are collected and ready to either go into the car or in a box for shipping.

I also spent about an hour cleaning the garage and rearranging stuff now that some bulky things are departing.  I think things will clean up nicely.

04 August 2016

All I know are sad songs...

 The journey to pick up Ferris was completed today.  The car is back in the garage, loosely assembled, and will be further prepared for transport in the next two weeks.  I'm going to find some Ospho to coat the bare metal and the flash rust to stop it from progressing.

The floor pan will be pulled out and attached to the body, seats will be installed, glass will be installed.  It'll almost look like a complete car again.
Here's a photo of the first time these two cars have been in the same place at the same time.  One's staying here while the other moves to California in a few weeks.

It's kind of a bummer to have to give up and let go but it's also going to be a sorely needed change of pace - taking a load off of my shoulders, clearing out some space and giving me some time to ponder my next move.  I have already started slimming down on the parts and moving things on to new owners.

01 August 2016

Ironic progress

The basic stand for the transport of Ferris is complete - mostly built from spare lumber in the garage / yard.  I did have to make a trip to Home Depot to get a few boards.

All it needs now is caster wheels and some on site adjustment and we're in business.  I'm looking to get the wheels on it before the trip on Thursday to pick up the body.  I've got most of the parts collected and ready to go.  This book is nearing the last chapter after six years of blank pages.

22 July 2016

There is beauty in hardship, there are poems in grief

In some sort of cruel irony, the body guy contacted me the day after I started talks to sell the car.  He sent me photos of the work that was done to date and explained that they could be done by the end of August...at a cost, of course.  While I'm tempted to just finish the car and get the body painted, start putting it back together, etc. there's a lot of money that needs to be spent to get the car done.  A lot of money...as in 'close to $10k', at which point, I could sell the car and lose the same $5k I'm going to lose now but with a whole lot of additional work and time invested in the car.  So, after careful consideration, I've decided to just let go.

I was conflicted for a few days - thinking about how awesome it would be to start putting the car back together and finally see some progress after all of these years.  But I simply don't have the time and now that the idea of selling this car has been tabled, I've lost all motivation to do anything but get parts out so that I can ship them to the new owner.  I feel like this step is necessary to gauge my tolerance for keeping Nigel - I've been seriously considering a complete/permanent exit of the hobby.  I'm not totally ready for that drastic a step just yet but I do need to divest a bit.  Letting Ferris go to someone who will eventually rebuild him is a good interim move.

I'll admit, I've been near giddy with excitement in pulling out old bins, boxes and opening cabinets - in search of the parts that go with this car.  Realizing that nearly half of all of the stuff that's taking up every square inch of my garage will be gone in 2-3 weeks...there's a sense of relief that I didn't expect to feel.  I always envisioned having the finished car and driving it to visit the girl who drove it through college (she now lives in Ohio) so she could drive it one more time.  The hatch glass still has the sticker for her college on it.  I'm sure it would have put a smile on her face.  But that unwritten chapter is not to happen and will remain an unmet goal for this car.

The focus, for now, will be to keep as much of this car together as possible (the buyer already has the original interior to Ferris), get him shipped to California and get back on making Nigel as reliable as possible.  At some point in the near future, this blog will end and all of the 'action' will move to Nigel's blog.

Thanks for following along for whatever part of this journey you've taken in...it's been a journey that both took too long and ended too soon.

17 July 2016

The question that frees you isn't 'what should I do?', it's 'what should I stop?'

I miss the days when I had the time to enjoy this hobby - and I wish I'd truly appreciated it when they were my 'present'.  I don't think I understood just how good things were.

I couldn't understand how other people could be so short-sighted on these projects and wind up spending a ton of money only to lose most of it and sell it all off years later.  Now I'm one of those people and I understand.  The reality is that it sucks but to keep investing in something with no return is insane.  I try to stay on *this* side of ridiculous and, occasionally, it's a struggle.

A lot of time has been spent considering, pondering, wondering, planning alternatives and identifying what might be around the corner, downstream...but the simple fact is that the time may have come where I have to let this project go.  The odds of getting this project off the ground, literally, are slim to none.  I think that it's best that I just stop blowing money on something that has yet to materialize.  Far too much time and money has been spent to be at the place where I've paused.  And since this car is still in pieces, I'll get next to nothing for it when it's sold/parted - making the exit from this project that much more expensive.

Life gets complex when you get older, gain responsibilities and have to arrange what you want to do around and after what you have to do.  It's one of those things that some people can skirt by paying others to do for them while they work out their other commitments.  Most of those people wind up paying 3-4 times what they should and carry the debt around with them until they figure out how to pay it all back.  That's not for me - if I can't pay for it now, I don't buy it.  That's part of how I have reached this time and place.  I'm at a point where I'm either going to have to pay a lot to get this car done (over $10k) or just let it go and cut my losses - which are substantial, both in time and cost.  There's a reason there are no photos for 2 years on the progress of this car - nothing has happened.

There are, of course, other personal factors that I'm not going to get into here that also influence this decision but, ultimately, this is probably the time to make it happen.  I'm honestly in over my head with two cars at this stage in my life and to start - one of them is going away.  Should the slope get slippery, I'll sell the second car and all of the parts and exit the hobby permanently.

EDIT: I've got a potential buyer so the end may be near for this project.  Fortunately, he's very interested in the N model so it's likely that Ferris may see life after all.  A ray of light in a dark scene.

17 June 2016

"If you chase two rabbits, you will not catch either one."

A small amount of progress:  I finally got into contact with the body shop about the work that was done and they've agreed to take the pan back and make the necessary corrections.  The manager said he didn't really supervise the result because the job seemed to be pretty simple.  I didn't go over it with a fine toothed comb, so to speak, for the exact same reason.

Sometime in the next week or two, I need to figure out how to get it back to the body shop...could be tricky given that I'm out of days off and after a doctor's visit today, was told to ease up on the heavy lifting.  I'll figure something out...

Last weekend I went to OCTO on Saturday and the El Prado Show N Shine in California during a week long visit.  I was able to get together with some old Type 3 friends and swap stories and experiences.  I didn't buy any parts.  It's the first year I've come home without parts in hand from a swap space.  There just didn't seem to be anything of interest for sale - same tired old broken overpriced shit that's online...and seeing it in person didn't make things any better.

One thing I did take notice of was the BFGoodrich tires on Pedro Sainz's super nice Type 34 - expensive tires but they really look nice.  I'm considering those for my 64 - moving the Vredstein's to Ferris once the wheels are powder coated.

I've all but stopped buying parts - finished acquiring the parts I'd asked to be held in foreign lands and all but one order has arrived, weeks ago.  Some of my obvious duplicates are headed to new owners.

The 'simple' goal of getting the pan up on tires by the end of the Summer is starting to look like a long shot - I don't have enough time during the week to accomplish the 'normal' tasks, let alone dedicate several additional hours to the assembly of a car.  It's the 'life happening' while I'm making plans to accomplish the task.

Nigel is still in the garage - no time to fine tune or drive him around.

I've got to figure out how to get more fun out of this hobby - project stasis is starting to bum me out.

29 May 2016

Tradition is the corpse of wisdom

I had a chat with the Rust Stop people about how to fix the results of the body shop's work - they suspect that the top coat wasn't put on correctly and suggested that I scuff the surface with 300 grit sandpaper and recoat with the top coat product.  My plan is to fix the bent shit, scuff, clean and top coat - there are a few areas where I'll have to do the whole process because they were not done at all - the more I look, the more I find.  I contacted the shop but the guy I need to work with took a few extra days off so I'll be in contact next week to work out a resolution that doesn't include me taking the whole pan back - I'm going to do the work myself.  The tube solution isn't in hand...yet.

I took two sets of pop out window frames apart - not one of them simply came apart - they all required that at least one screw be drilled out due to rusting together.  They're a weird design and prone to rust due to the way they're constructed.  I'm thinking about putting the frames up for sale for a low price of $10/pr and if they don't sell, I'll chuck 'em into the scrap bin.  I'm keeping the glass because it is the most valuable part, in my opinion.

There are not enough hours in the day - I need to figure out how to get more done on this car in less time if I'm going to get it back together.

23 May 2016

You can't expect everyone to have the same dedication as you

I picked up the pan this morning - at first glance, it all looked good with a couple of issues that were more or less my fault...until I got it home and got it cleaned off, then the sweetness soured a bit.

There are problems with this job.
The area under the kick panel towers didn't get painted.  Never mind the fucked up bracket that got welded together by someone else and would now be a giant pain in ass to fix.  I thought about it and decided to just let it go.  That doesn't mean that it doesn't bother me though.
The VIN stamped into the tunnel getting painted was my fault - I forgot to mention it to the painter...so he painted over it.  It's really lightly stamped and hard to see.  I'll have to see if I can get this stuff off around the stamped VIN before I get too far.
Putting the pan in the truck, it got shoved too hard once and the heater box tube folded 90°...so now I get to figure out how to weld this back together without causing a much larger problem to solve.

 The inside of the heat tunnel bits didn't get painted - I forgot to remove the flaps/wires and the painter didn't want to paint them closed.

I call this one a 'draw'.
This end didn't get painted.

How fucking hard is this when it's your job?
The other side that didn't get painted.

Now that it's clean, when I look at the pan, it's really easy to tell where the paint didn't go on right - there are flat/rough spots in the paint.  I'd say that about half of it is glossy/smooth and the rest of it has the texture of bed liner...which isn't right.
I'm 90% sure that this wasn't fucked up when I dropped it off for paint.
I missed fixing the brake hose support before the pan was painted.  And the painter, who works in a body shop and was asked to catch anything that looked wrong, said nothing.

In the end, I wish I'd just taken 3 days off of work and painted this thing myself.  There's no way I could have done a worse job.

And to do it right, I will have to sand half of it down and do it myself anyway.

I'm going to contact the body shop tomorrow and see if we can work something out to get this corrected.  I'm not terribly happy with what I paid vs. what they delivered now that it's cleaned off.

I'm becoming convinced that this car is 100% jinxed and that's why it's yet to go back together.  If I wasn't already into this car for WAY more than I'll ever get out of it, I'd just fucking scrap it and save myself the hassle and expense.  Something tells me that this isn't the last problem I'm going to have with this car.

My expectations were not high - I dropped off a bare metal floor pan that needed to be rinsed off and painted and the shop had two weeks to do the work.  Seems like it was half done at best and I fucking hate cleaning up after people I've hired to do a specific job.

What an expensive fucking disappointment...

20 May 2016

Little by little...the puzzle will go back together

The dirty master cylinder that I had was sent off to Jim Adney and this is what came back.  I'm thinking that this will be the unit that goes on the pan for Ferris.

The pan pick up is set for Monday morning...just have to figure out when I'll have time to start putting it back together.

19 May 2016

Repop drums that fit!

Test fit the repop ductile iron rear drums and they actually fucking fit!  I've purchased a total of three sets of repop rear drums in the last five years and this is the first set I haven't had to modify in some way to get them to fit!

Pan pick up is set for Monday - so I'm hoping to have some progress on it over the holiday weekend.  I'm still without tires or finished wheels so it won't be on the ground but there's plenty I can do up to that point.

I'm also planning (in my head) the best time to go out and get the body - drop it off at RediStrip - to get that part moving forward.  Slow progress is slow but still moving forward.   It's going to be nice to start putting things together again.

12 May 2016

Heat exchangers and muffler arrive

The heater exchangers and muffler arrived today.  This is  probably the cleanest set of heat exchangers I've ever seen.
Near NOS VW logo muffler, near NOS preheat boxes
VW logo and part number stamped into the flange - look how clean the insulation is on this thing!

I'll be in the process of rounding up the random heat exchangers so they can be sold and sent to new homes.

11 May 2016

Gathering the pieces of momentum

The brake kit arrived yesterday - the postal carrier wouldn't deliver the box (it's 52#) so I had to stop by the post office and pick it up.

The rear drums arrived a few days ago and the pan is ready to be picked up.  I have to figure out when I can get over and pick it up.  The first goal would be to assemble the rear triangle, attach the transmission and engine and get that up on wheels.  Once that's together, I can test run the engine and make sure everything is on the 'up and up'.  I've got to get the starter, clutch, pressure plate, tires and have the wheels powder coated.  That's about another $1k in parts.

The heater boxes and muffler are scheduled to arrive on Thursday.  I should be able to get the engine back together shortly...

03 May 2016

Fender beading - one piece closer

Found a rear right side fender beading piece.  I'm down to needing the rear left and the two little apron pieces - which I may wind up making out of a spare 'regular' piece if it comes to it.

I have repop rear drums inbound - set to arrive on Thursday so that completes the stuff I need for the rear brakes.  I'm pretty sure I have all of the other rear end parts - but I'm sure I'll discover something that I've forgotten when it's time to put it all back together.

The floor pan is done - the shop called me yesterday - I want to swing by and check it out before I rent a truck to go get it.  Things have been busy so I haven't had a chance to go check out the floor pan yet - too many things going on at work and around the house.  I might wind up picking it up Thursday afternoon if the weather holds and I can get my other stuff done in time.  Otherwise, it might wind up being next week.

To be continued...

28 April 2016

"Out of student loans and treehouse homes we all would take the latter..."

Looking forward to getting my hands on this near NOS exhaust/heat exchanger setup.  I should be able to finalize the purchase shortly - this will be used on the final version of Ferris's engine.  I've got a few things to clean up before it's 'complete' but it's real close at this point.  The Vintage Speed exhaust is looking to be six months to a year away based on recent communication.

I've started to hunt down rear brake shoes and what looks to be a requirement for repop rear drums.  I can't seem to find NOS rear drums anymore...next on my list is going to be the front beam parts and making sure that I have the hardware I need to put things back together.  It's hard to believe that I need to look for anything will all of the stuff I've got in the garage but it happens far more often than I'd like to admit.

I've got to pop in the car and drive out to see what's going on with the body for Ferris...it's been silent far too long.  I'm thinking about going to retrieve it and drop it off at RediStrip to get it real clean, do a once over and fix the last few things before paint.  After all this time, it's got to be close...or it's still sitting in the corner of the shop.  Having a complete pan will motivate me to get the body completed...and that pan should be ready for pick up real soon.

Background Tune: "Stressed Out" by twenty one pilots

15 April 2016

Productivity hit peak output today

Got out of the house at 6:30am and picked up a rental van from Home Depot.  The first stop today was at RediStrip to pick up the stuff Craig and I dropped off a few months ago.

This photo pretty much only covers the contents of the three paint cans I stuffed full of parts.  A lot of this stuff I'd completely forgotten that I still had it.  The floor pan for Ferris, the rear subframe and the torsion arms didn't get photographed but they look as clean as these parts.  They're at a local body shop - to be painted with Rust Seal next weekend.  So it looks like the pan will start to come together in a few weeks.  I'm ready to start getting these parts collected in one place.

Whatever they do at RediStrip, it's fucking amazing.  Everything I dropped off came back super clean, rust free and ready to be either painted or zinc plated.  Parts I added at the last minute - just to see how they'd turn out - came back in better condition than I thought possible.
 I sent off three fan shrouds - all three of them looked like shit.  They're now super clean and ready for a little repair and installation.

The rear engine tin piece was going to go into the scrap bin but it looks good enough to sell.
 This is the front beam that was full of sand, dirty and had grease, paint and all kinds of other shit inside of it.  The whole thing is super clean.  Since I've abandoned my plan of building a scratch built beam with the synthetic plastic bushings (a $400 mistake), I don't really need this beam.  I may put it up for sale if I don't decide to build it up.  I'm on the fence about it right now.
 I've never seen a cleaner front beam.  Ever.  My NOS beam looks like crap next to this one.
 Hood latch that I was thinking about scrapping because it looked like shit now looks better than the NOS piece I'd planned to use.
Part number on the back is super clean and easy to read.  All of the parts came back in amazing condition.

I took a bunch of pictures of the parts - Craig stood back and probably wondered about my sanity silently to himself.  I can't believe how clean all of these parts are...

06 April 2016

An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself

 One of my shipments arrived today.
NOS Right rear backing plate
311 609 440 B
NOS pair of hatch hinges
361 827 301
361 827 302
 NOS front 'Mickey Mouse' grill and divider plastic with foam
311 805 657
 11 of the upper trim clips - one of which is an oddball zinc coated version. I've only previously seen them in black like those in the background.
311 867 289 A
Three circlips for the Koln turn signal arm on a Koln ignition column - one of which will go into immediate use.
311 953 515 A

Not pictured:
NOS Koln turn signal arm, 311 953 515 A
a fuel check valve to replace one I sold a while back, 311 127 405
NOS frame head cover, 311 705 253
NOS VW Germany thermostat for flaps

03 April 2016

You don't ever wanna step off that roller coaster and be all alone

I got a call on Thursday that the pan (and the pile of parts) is ready to be picked up from RediStrip.  I have not yet figured out when I'm going to go get it but it'll be soon.  I want to line up a paint shop to paint it so I can go get it and drop it off at the paint shop.  I figure it'll be another week or two at the paint shop - then it will come back and I can start the process of actually putting the car together.  I've debated using Rust Seal and doing it myself...but it's not quite warm enough yet.  Actually, the real reason is that I have the painting skills of a 6 year old and I'm pretty sure I can screw up anything that has to do with paint, no matter how simple it's designed to be.

I haven't yet received the CSP front brake kit but I imagine it'll arrive in time for me to keep assembly going on the car...it'll be shipped at the same time as a whole other slew of parts that should keep me busy for quite a while.  I'm also waiting to see if an inquiry for a clean set of heat exchangers and muffler is going to happen...the Vintage Speed exhaust is going to take a while and I'd like to start the engine in my garage on the stand...make sure it's tuned and such.

There is a small box of parts coming in this week from Germany - all stuff for the two cars - nothing for sale.  I've decided to focus on getting this car done ASAP so that I can get parts off of the shelves and on a car vs. collecting and squirreling parts, then selling some later.  I am getting a NOS turn signal lever for the ignition column I bought last month.  That means that I can take it apart, clean it and strip the paint - getting ready for a rebuild.  If that all goes well, I'll get another key made and stick it in Ferris when the time comes.  It would be nice if both cars had the same ignition column (Koln). 

The goal is to get this car up on tires this year...I am going to try my ass off to make that happen.

Background Tune: "I Took A Pill In Ibiza" by Mike Posner

13 March 2016

Powder coated prizes

I picked up the powder coat lot this afternoon...this photo shows most, but not all, of the parts.  There are tie rods, engine tin, pulley shrouds, spindles, etc. not shown.

Still moving the ball forward...even if it's an inch at a time.

Someday, I'll get to putting the engine back together!

12 March 2016

Looking for one thing and finding another

 Thursday night, I made the 100+ mile drive in a rain storm to buy a front beam and some engine tin.

The goal was to get a front beam that needed very little work and I could clean, repaint and mount it on the pan.

I arrived to find the last two beams available - rusted through to the point of being nearly scrap metal status.  Needless to say - I didn't buy one.  I did, however, find a nice set of early engine tins, a later set of tops and a nice 12 volt fan shroud - so I bought those pieces.
Fan shroud still has the stickers, is fairly straight and should clean up nicely.
The slightly later engine tin pieces.

27 February 2016

“Our real discoveries come from chaos, from going to the place that looks wrong and stupid and foolish.”

The hinges turned out to not be right for the two cars...so it looks like I'm going to leave that pursuit alone for now.  They're not a 'needed' part and I really should focus a bit more on the stuff that needs to get done.

The first set of NOS tie rod ends came in today - they look perfect - I'm rather happy with that purchase.  The other three sets should arrive in the next few days.  One set is already sold so I've got one more set to figure out what do to with at some point.

I did some digging and found a rather odd assortment of parts and I'm waiting on confirmation.  Once confirmed, I should have a 'the other side' of a few parts.  I also may have found NOS seat bases - which, again, once confirmed, would be a huge win because they haven't been kicked in yet.  I'd then choose from the two sets I have to get bashed back into shape.

Things are happening but very very slowly.

24 February 2016

Budget: a mathematical confirmation of your suspicions

The powder coat trip was a success.  I dropped off four crates of parts along with four black pulley shrouds (one of which isn't mine).  I'm down to wheels, control arms, the rear hinge cover and the seat bases (which will need work before they're powder coated) that will need to be powder coated.  After that, I think I'm done with powder coating...then I get to move on to painting the front beam, pan, rear subframe, and torsion spring plates.  Once those are done, I can begin the assembly process (*finally!*).

I found some NOS German tie rod ends so I bought all four sets.  I'll need two sets, I know of at least one other Type 3 owner that'll use a set and I'll either have a spare set or I'll sell them off as well.  I'm trying to both capitalize on the parts that I find and share the wealth.  This allows me to get the 'thrill of the chase' and prevent me from growing my stockpile of parts.

I've put 'feelers' out there for the rear drums...and if I'm lucky, they'll pop up somewhere.  I plan to focus on getting the pan completed, then worry about the body...which may open up a can of worms, depending on how much progress is required to get it completed.

So, out in the field is the pile of powder coating parts, the carbs that are being rebuilt, the parts at Redi Strip and grumblings of more NOS parts creeping toward me in a couple of weeks...I think the hinges that I wanted to get my hands on have found me.  I'm waiting for pictures to confirm they're correct.

20 February 2016

A little progress

I'm making a trip to powder coating tomorrow morning with three bins of parts...this will cover the tie rods (not ends) and a couple of other parts relative to the front end assembly.  I found NOS German tie rods so those should be inbound shortly.  No news on rear shocks yet though...fronts seem easy to find but rears are a bit harder to find.  I have all of the rear brake parts minus the drums so I'll probably just get some repop rear drums to keep things moving forward.

I'm down to needing front brakes, wheels and tires...I'm debating dropping off the wheels tomorrow but I think I'll save it for the next trip.

During the down time while I wait for the stuff to come back from RediStrip - I think I'm going to work on getting the engine back together...I sort of stripped a few parts off of it.  The exhaust is still up in the air but I think Vintage Speed will come through before it's a concern.  If not, I've got that $50 eBay muffler to use for a while.

I recently received a box of parts from T3HQ with a factory exchange fuel pump, spindle bolts, door bolts, protection plates for the heater boxes and a few other random parts.

From another source, I received  a NOS set of ball joints, NOS preheat hose clips, NOS wiper arms and NOS wiper blades, 5 sets of NOS points for the ZV/JCU 4R3 distributor and a NOS distributor cap.

Right now it just seems like I'm spending money but I'm hoping to change that into 'making progress' in a couple of months.

18 February 2016

The risk of a wrong decision is preferable to the terror of indecision.

I'm in a holding pattern until the stuff comes back from RediStrip in April...most of the parts I wanted to get rid of are gone - there are a few stragglers but I'll likely wind up scrapping them in a few weeks.

So I've been 'planning'  and I think the next course of action is to ensure I have all of the pieces for the front beam and the rear subframe.

Here's where I'm at as of today:

Front beam:
  • Front beam with bushings/bearings (either at RediStrip or source another one)
  • Tie rods (to be painted/powder coated)
  • Tie rod ends (have the inner left, does that count?)
  • Steering box w/ground wire
  • Steering damper
  • Ball joints
  • Bearings
  • Spindles
  • Brakes (highly likely to be CSP)
  • Rotor (will come with brakes)
  • Brake hoses
  • Bushings to body (top)
  • Shocks
  • Wheels (need to be finished)
  • Tires
  • Rubber collars
  • Clamp pieces/hardware
  • Clips, clamps, etc.
Rear subframe:
  • Rear subframe (at RediStrip)
  • Spring plates (at RediStrip)
  • Spring plate covers/hardware
  • Spring plate bushings
  • Shocks
  • Transmission w/axles and backing plates
  • Transmission carrier
  • Transmission mounts (2 rear, 1 front)
  • Rear brakes (drums, shoes, hardware)
  • Brake lines (hard and soft)
  • Parking brake cables (311 609 721 A)
  • Wheels (need to be finished)
  • Tires
Now, to stay focused on the task at hand...anything that's not covered by either being at RediStrip or on hand means that I should start looking to source it so that I can get it together and be ready to move to the next step.

Looks like I can build up the front beam until I reach the brakes...which is fine because it'll be plenty heavy without them - I'd prefer to add brakes and rotors once the beam is mounted to the pan.

The rear subframe can be built all the way to brakes.  I'm hoping to have talked myself into putting rear discs (read: I have installed them) on Nigel so that I can swap all of those brake parts to Ferris.  If not, I'll have to find drums that don't suck and buy brake shoes.  I've got extra rear wheel cylinders and hardware.  The more money that goes out, the harder that decision gets...so I might wind up having to find drums.  Spending the coin on CSP front discs is going to be enough cash outlay, really.

Brakes, tires, then mate up with the pan and engine...seems simple enough, huh?  It would be huge if I actually get the pan back on tires with a functional engine/trans/brakes, although storing it until the body is done may pose a challenge.

I'll worry about that when I get there.

13 February 2016

Chrome shop, round 1

I hauled ass over to the chrome shop this morning to pick up the parts before they closed.

The hub caps turned out pretty nice from about a foot away...
...then you get real close and see that the inner logo area isn't as nice.  Chrome shop dude said that he thought I was going to paint the logos so he didn't focus on that area with detail.

Not super happy with this result but it's also not the end of the world...I intentionally sent one set vs. all four for this very reason.  If I use them again, I'll be very specific about the logo area.

I will likely paint the logo area black and use these on Ferris because, overall, they look real good.
The horn bars turned out very, very nicely.  I am 100% happy with how they turned out and I will probably send in the third one once I decide who's getting the next shot at the few chrome bits I have left.
Close up shot of the horn bar.  These were both decent pieces with some pitting - pits are gone and chrome is really nice.

If I can get the door handles apart, I may refurb them vs. selling them at a loss and then turning around and buying NOS parts.

I've also got the locks for the doors that will need to be chromed.

It's progress and things are headed in the right direction so I'm happy overall.