23 May 2016

You can't expect everyone to have the same dedication as you

I picked up the pan this morning - at first glance, it all looked good with a couple of issues that were more or less my fault...until I got it home and got it cleaned off, then the sweetness soured a bit.

There are problems with this job.
The area under the kick panel towers didn't get painted.  Never mind the fucked up bracket that got welded together by someone else and would now be a giant pain in ass to fix.  I thought about it and decided to just let it go.  That doesn't mean that it doesn't bother me though.
The VIN stamped into the tunnel getting painted was my fault - I forgot to mention it to the painter...so he painted over it.  It's really lightly stamped and hard to see.  I'll have to see if I can get this stuff off around the stamped VIN before I get too far.
Putting the pan in the truck, it got shoved too hard once and the heater box tube folded 90°...so now I get to figure out how to weld this back together without causing a much larger problem to solve.

 The inside of the heat tunnel bits didn't get painted - I forgot to remove the flaps/wires and the painter didn't want to paint them closed.

I call this one a 'draw'.
This end didn't get painted.

How fucking hard is this when it's your job?
The other side that didn't get painted.

Now that it's clean, when I look at the pan, it's really easy to tell where the paint didn't go on right - there are flat/rough spots in the paint.  I'd say that about half of it is glossy/smooth and the rest of it has the texture of bed liner...which isn't right.
I'm 90% sure that this wasn't fucked up when I dropped it off for paint.
I missed fixing the brake hose support before the pan was painted.  And the painter, who works in a body shop and was asked to catch anything that looked wrong, said nothing.

In the end, I wish I'd just taken 3 days off of work and painted this thing myself.  There's no way I could have done a worse job.

And to do it right, I will have to sand half of it down and do it myself anyway.

I'm going to contact the body shop tomorrow and see if we can work something out to get this corrected.  I'm not terribly happy with what I paid vs. what they delivered now that it's cleaned off.

I'm becoming convinced that this car is 100% jinxed and that's why it's yet to go back together.  If I wasn't already into this car for WAY more than I'll ever get out of it, I'd just fucking scrap it and save myself the hassle and expense.  Something tells me that this isn't the last problem I'm going to have with this car.

My expectations were not high - I dropped off a bare metal floor pan that needed to be rinsed off and painted and the shop had two weeks to do the work.  Seems like it was half done at best and I fucking hate cleaning up after people I've hired to do a specific job.

What an expensive fucking disappointment...

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