11 May 2016

Gathering the pieces of momentum

The brake kit arrived yesterday - the postal carrier wouldn't deliver the box (it's 52#) so I had to stop by the post office and pick it up.

The rear drums arrived a few days ago and the pan is ready to be picked up.  I have to figure out when I can get over and pick it up.  The first goal would be to assemble the rear triangle, attach the transmission and engine and get that up on wheels.  Once that's together, I can test run the engine and make sure everything is on the 'up and up'.  I've got to get the starter, clutch, pressure plate, tires and have the wheels powder coated.  That's about another $1k in parts.

The heater boxes and muffler are scheduled to arrive on Thursday.  I should be able to get the engine back together shortly...

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