03 September 2016

The countdown has begun...

Ferris - all put back together and waiting for pick up in a week or two.  I have to figure out how to secure the lower front of the rear fenders because the body shop didn't make provisions for the holes to secure per design.  I'm glad I won't be dealing with this body shop again.  I'm 0 for 3 on body shops in the area so far.
 Here's the view from the back - 95% ready for travel.  Inexplicably the body shop decided to strip the paint off of the hatch before the work to the main body was complete.  All I can think is that they were going for 'billable hours' vs. doing the things that make sense.
 Installed what I think is the nicest used set of door latches I've owned.  I made a deal with the new owner to either trade these for a 3 bolt pulley shroud or he can buy them outright.
 Got a few used parts from another source to allow me to close and latch the doors and hatch.  Everything is installed and ready to go.
Nice used set of 3 bolt strikers went along too.  They're a little harder to align than I remember but I got them to work just fine.

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