28 April 2016

"Out of student loans and treehouse homes we all would take the latter..."

Looking forward to getting my hands on this near NOS exhaust/heat exchanger setup.  I should be able to finalize the purchase shortly - this will be used on the final version of Ferris's engine.  I've got a few things to clean up before it's 'complete' but it's real close at this point.  The Vintage Speed exhaust is looking to be six months to a year away based on recent communication.

I've started to hunt down rear brake shoes and what looks to be a requirement for repop rear drums.  I can't seem to find NOS rear drums anymore...next on my list is going to be the front beam parts and making sure that I have the hardware I need to put things back together.  It's hard to believe that I need to look for anything will all of the stuff I've got in the garage but it happens far more often than I'd like to admit.

I've got to pop in the car and drive out to see what's going on with the body for Ferris...it's been silent far too long.  I'm thinking about going to retrieve it and drop it off at RediStrip to get it real clean, do a once over and fix the last few things before paint.  After all this time, it's got to be close...or it's still sitting in the corner of the shop.  Having a complete pan will motivate me to get the body completed...and that pan should be ready for pick up real soon.

Background Tune: "Stressed Out" by twenty one pilots

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