29 May 2016

Tradition is the corpse of wisdom

I had a chat with the Rust Stop people about how to fix the results of the body shop's work - they suspect that the top coat wasn't put on correctly and suggested that I scuff the surface with 300 grit sandpaper and recoat with the top coat product.  My plan is to fix the bent shit, scuff, clean and top coat - there are a few areas where I'll have to do the whole process because they were not done at all - the more I look, the more I find.  I contacted the shop but the guy I need to work with took a few extra days off so I'll be in contact next week to work out a resolution that doesn't include me taking the whole pan back - I'm going to do the work myself.  The tube solution isn't in hand...yet.

I took two sets of pop out window frames apart - not one of them simply came apart - they all required that at least one screw be drilled out due to rusting together.  They're a weird design and prone to rust due to the way they're constructed.  I'm thinking about putting the frames up for sale for a low price of $10/pr and if they don't sell, I'll chuck 'em into the scrap bin.  I'm keeping the glass because it is the most valuable part, in my opinion.

There are not enough hours in the day - I need to figure out how to get more done on this car in less time if I'm going to get it back together.

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