05 November 2016

If you do not change direction, you may end up where you are heading

Huh...it's been a weird couple of weeks around here.  Ferris is still hanging out in the garage due to communication issues with the buyer's transport dude...who was supposed to show up today after a three week delay, after a two week delay.  Ferris should have been in California back in August...and here we are in November.

I went on uShip and solicited quotes before finding a shipper that's semi-local to me who is going to be moving both Ferris in about a week (guaranteed and confirmed!) and Nigel in about a month.

So the saga will end next weekend - when Ferris and all of the miscellaneous pieces are loaded onto a trailer and shipped to California.  It'll be bittersweet at this point - there's a tiny piece of me that wished that I could hang on to this little car and get him done up right.  I'm hopeful that his new owner will be able to get him back together and bring him to Prado next year.

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